We create videos that produce measurable results. Our team of experts have real world business experience and all share the common goal of bringing you a return on your media investment.

When we consult with you on your project we don’t just think about creating media that looks good, we focus on delivering a story that will generate actions and ultimately engagement in your brand. Our process when working with you:

  • Initial Consultation: Discovery session to uncover your objectives and long term business goals.
  • Proposal Delivery: Including costs, timeline, deliverables and creative approach that will be applied to developing your content.
  • Distribution Plan: Outlining best channels and methods for sharing your media to get results.
  • Communication: Ongoing component of project to ensure you are informed and happy. Our aim is to deliver to you a product we can all be proud of.

Webber Naturals Commercial

Webber Naturals: Mornings. Aired during “Ellen DeGeneres”, “The Voice”, and the new “Will & Grace”.

Corporate Work Reel

A small sampling of some of the many corporate clients (Dominos Pizza, Coca Cola, Toppers Pizza, NuSutus, FlightLinez, Greenheart International, Beyond Baroque, SBCS Academy) that we have worked with to help bring their stories to life.

Dominos World Delivery Record

Behind the scenes look at how World Record event from it’s conception to successful completion. Multiple camera operators following deliveries by car, boat, and plane to multiple Islands surrounding St Maarten.

Toppers Pizza Whitewater

Telling the story of what makes Toppers Pizza, Toppers Pizza, and how incorporating NuSutus into their daily practices has increased sales, and customer satisfaction.

Pelican Peak Project

Promotional video used to aid in the final stages of securing funding for a flightline project on the island of St. Maarten.

Beyond Baroque

A look at look at Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles oldest poetry foundation and independent literary arts center, that hosts a collective of celebrated poets, and up in coming new talents. Offering a place to gather, share, teach, learn, and to pass on the oral tradition.

Santa Barbra CS Academy

Parents, teachers, and students share personal stories about the innovative Computer Science program at Santa Barbra High School has impacted their lives, to help aid in seeking additional funding to help keep the program and students thriving.

Damner Testimonial

Media used as silver bullet in the final stages of the Kudos sales cycle to close the deal. A strong and captivating customer story was used to reiterate the positive impacts of the solution.